Want to pay off your debt but don't know where to start? The Smash Debt Guide is exactly what you need!

In addition to guidance and motivation, the Smash Debt Guide includes printable workbook pages to help you organize, plan, and track your debt attack.

Each short chapter includes an assignment which is a crucial step to designing your personal plan for debt freedom.

This guide is not meant to replace those meaty, long-form resources (which you should definitely read when you have time). But, sometimes we make the excuse that we can’t get started with something big (like paying off debt) until we think we’ve learned everything.

This straight-forward guide will help you avoid the trap of procrastination. It’s purposely short and to the point (21 pages) so that you can just get started on your debt-free journey.

Paying off debt can feel overwhelming and discouraging, but I promise you it will be worth it! You can start TODAY!